Five Fun Welding Projects That You Could Try at Home

When people think of welding, they think of construction. They think of men working on big metal objects such as cruise or war ships, high rise buildings and bridges. Welding for many is a big task for a big job. But in reality, welding can and is used for all manner of smaller items around the suburbs and in the home. Amateur home handy men and women often drag out their welding equipment to undertake repairs or complete long awaited project in the backyard. If you don’t already own the correct materials or you need some extra tips, go to the experts at for a little advice.

But if you think you’re ready to unleash your inner welder and just need a little push in the right direction, try some of these fun welding projects you can do at home.

Garden stakes

Let’s start easy and produce a few garden stakes for those recalcitrant plants in the garden that refuse to stand upright. This is ideal for the beginner as they require little material and can be as simple or complex as you like. Come up with a design, get some relatively short bits of metal and start welding. You’ll soon be ready for something harder.

Plant holder

This is a little more complex, but still relatively easy even for a beginner. Look for something that can be molded like a coat and hat rack; the stand itself should be simple with a base, an upright and however many arms you want. You can devise a system to hold the plants at the end of each arm a number of ways, including hooks or loops, depending on your particular expertise.

Outdoor fireplace

A fire pit in the back yard is an all-time favourite with many families. To build this you just need to weld together some corrugated iron and dig a hole in the back yard. Of course, if you want to be a bit more adventurous, you can build a simple frame with a hinged door, a metal grate and an ash catcher. Designs can be easily found on the internet.

Hand trolley

This looks a bit more complicated than it actually is. To build a frame all you need to do is weld together a few pieces of pipe or flat metal strips and attach an axle you can either create yourself or buy at a hardware store along with a set of wheels. It’s not only a great welding project, it will prove invaluable to the health of your back as you haul things across your yard.

Go kart

Finally, this is a project that will make your kids appreciate your welding hobby as much as you do. To be fair, this is going to be one of the more difficult backyard projects you’re going to tackle, and you’ll undoubtedly need a good set of instructions before getting under way. But once you have built this little beauty, the hours of enjoyment to follow will be priceless.

Start with these simple projects and build up to more technical construction jobs as you develop your skills. You never know; get good enough and you might find yourself in a sideline business selling plant holders, go karts and trolleys online.

DIY Chemical-Free Cleaning Products

There are some heavy-duty cleaning chemicals on the market these days. While they promise to take the hard work out of cleaning, many of them are full of bleach and other toxic chemicals that can have adverse effects on family health. But you don’t have to compromise your health for cleanliness. Here are some excellent DIY chemical-free cleaning ideas.

Straight from the Pantry

There are a number of products in your pantry that will double as excellent cleaning products. Baking soda cleans and deodorizes surfaces, and has proven virus-killing capacity – it also has the ability to cut through grease. Naturally acidic, vinegar will wipe out oil and grease, soap scum and dirt while lemon juice smells nice, adds sheen to hard surfaces and works wonders to get rid of mildew and mould. And good old fashioned olive oil acts as a great polisher.

What about Pest Management?

Keeping your home free of pest infestations is part of keeping it clean. There have been real advancements in safe pest control with companies like Trusted Pest Management offering pest control that is completely safe for children and pets.

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Learned The Three N’s of a Well- Nourished Child at the Appebon Kid Event

Appebon Kid Event

Every Year in the month of July, we observe National Nutrition Month. During this month we focus on health and nutrition. This also gets highlighted in our children’s school. I was very glad to be a part of #AppebonKid #BatangGanado event last tuesday. The event’s focused on health, nutrition and wellness of our kids.

We all know how important good nutrition is, specially for our kids. Introducing them to a healthy lifestyle and eating habits while they’re young means they will grow up as adults with healthy lifestyle and eating habits as well. This will help them avoid illness and diseases caused by unhealthy eating habits.

When Ykaie was two years old, she was thin. I gave her Appebon Kid to help improve her appetite and provide her with essential nutrients that she needs. I also made sure she eats different kinds of fruits and vegetables. Now Ykaie has grown up and she’s a healthy kid who is not a picky eater. Appebon Kid is a dietary supplement to help provide children with nutrients essential for energy and to help improve appetite.

Appebon Kid Event

The event was held at Italianni’s in BGC where they also served healthy and tasty dishes which I’ll also tell you more about later. I got myself one of their bestseller drinks which is the Cally Lychee, a unique mix of lychee, calamansi and lime juice topped with apple and watermelon balls.

Appebon Kid Event

The bubbly Dra. Florianne Feliza Valdes, MD, FPPS. was the speaker at the event. She gave a talk about the importance of good nutrition and the characteristic of a well-nourished child. She also told us that when a child becomes a picky-eater, it’s not really about the child nor the food that is served to the child. She said that it’s about the feeding habits of the child. I was really surprised to find out that a child should be weaned at 1 year old That she should be drinking in a sippy cup at around that time. It’s one of the reasons why a child becomes a picky eater.  I was able to wean Ykaie from her feeding bottle when she was two years old. Two more reasons are: when the child is allowed to eat snacks before meals and eat junk foods like sodas, fried foods, and chips which are empty calories. Children should not be allowed to eat snacks two hours before meals.

I also learned from her that there are three N’s of well-nourished child. These are the things you should do to ensure that your babies are well-nourished.

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Footwear Girls Will Love

The fondness for footwear and the thrill of having a diverse assortment to select from is not an exclusive characteristic of women. Little girls, young girls and teenage girls can get just as excited over a new style of shoes as their mom can. They can also fall in love with a favorite pair or a favorite style and make that their most frequently worn shoe.

As a mother shopping for your daughter, you will enjoy finding a site such as SneakerKing, where you have everything from warm winter boots to colorful summer slides to choose from. When you’re shopping for shoes for your daughter, the choices you make to please her may be related to the phase your child is in at the moment. There is often a phase in a little girl’s life where she wants shoes that look like the ones mommy wears. At times during the maturing phase, she will want something totally different from what mommy wears because she wants to express her individualism. A shoe company that has selections to accommodate whatever phase a girl is in is truly a great find and can be a stress-reliever for a parent.

Just as with adult shoe styles, children’s shoes style often change to keep up with design trends or for the purpose of offering the diversity an updated wardrobe needs. Girls UGG Boots have been a popular choice of winter footwear for many years. Ugg Australia now has a boot they are calling Bailey Button which is a playful, more modern looking boot that is sure to become a favorite in your child’s winter footwear collection. It’s durable construction and level of comfort could easily make it one of those wintertime favorites your child will love.

You may find it impossible to browse around a site in search of shoes for your children without venturing over to the selections that are available for you. This is a convenient way to shop for yourself and to always be aware of the latest styles your favorite brand of footwear has to offer. With all of the demands on a parent’s time, finding a source for quality made shoes in sizes, styles and with brand names that can accommodate the footwear needs of the whole family is an incredible time-saving convenience.