Snickers Ice Cream Bar

Snickers Ice Cream Bar

By now, I’m sure you’ve felt how hot the days are becoming. Yep, Summer has arrived. And when it’s Summer we usually crave for food that are cold like Halo-Halo, Ice candy, and of course, Ice Cream!

We’ve been seeing these Snickers Ice Cream Bar at S&R membership Shopping for quite sometime now and we are intrigued about how it taste. Snickers is one of the most popular chocolate bars around. It is but natural that you get interested to try its cold counterpart.

Snickers Ice Cream Bar

Last weekend, we were finally able to to give it a try. Ykaie cannot contain her happiness. We love snickers, specially the one with almonds.

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Steak-Eze Chophouse Favorites Angus Cheeseburger

Steak Eze Chophouse Favorites Angus Cheeseburger

I love good cheeseburgers. It’s one of the food I have a constant craving of. In fact, I even make recipes that resembles its taste like this Cheeseburger Soup. I like my cheeseburgers either fresh off the grill when ordering in a restaurant or homemade to be able to attest to its freshness.

Have you seen that mouthwatering cheeseburger in the photo above? I’m sure you must be wondering where this Steak Eze Chophouse Favorites is located because you may want to try it.

Steak Eze Chophouse Favorites Angus Cheeseburger

Believe it or not, that mouthwatering cheeseburger came from this box.

I am always skeptical when I hear about ready-to-eat frozen anything. I’ve had quite a few depressing experiences about pre-packaged food: soggy bread, burgers that doesn’t taste like meat, meats that fall apart when you try to cook them, dry brittle products…. you name it. Steak-Eze Chophouse Favorites Angus Cheeseburger changed everything.

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GetGadget Shop One Day Trade Off Promo on March 31, 2015

Thinking of upgrading to iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus? This is now the most awaited opportunity to enjoy in the palm of your hands a brand new but very affordable unit for yourself.

GetGadget Shop, the Philippines most trusted online gadget store is offering its first trade off promotion on March 31, 2015. Open for all iPhone 4s, 5, 5s  and  5c unit with GB memory sizes, all gadgets for trading will be assessed to determine exact amount of discount. Once the seller has agreed on the actual value of the unit assessed by a GetGadget Shop trade officer, a cash check will be given as a mode of payment for the chosen unit. What’s more, interested traders can pre-reserve via GetGadget Shop Facebook fan page by  sending a message with name, unit, model, GB size and preferred color. A trade in officer will send a reply within 24 hours to confirm order reservation.

To qualify, present two valid IDs and proof of purchase of the unit  such as receipt. Pick up and payment is on March 31,2015 at the GetGadget Shop office from 10 am to 5 pm at unit 1105, Antel Global Building, Julia Vargas Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. For inquiries, contact  customer support on 0921-229-5653 / 0927-905-1259.

To know more about GetGadget Shop and purchase a gadget, visit

S&R New York Style Pizza Opens Up in Eastwood

S&R New York Style Pizza

To be able to bring their delicious pizzas closer to their craving customers, S&R Membership Shopping opened Free Standing Pizza Parlors in the following locations: Fairview Terraces, Festival Mall, Marquee Mall, Abreeza Mall, Puregold Cubao, and Puregold Subic. Free Standing Pizza Parlor means that it’s kind of like a dine-in and take out restaurant only.

Last February 23, 2015, they finally opened up another one at the Ground floor of the Le Grand Tower 2 in Eastwood.

S&R New York Style Pizza

And last Sunday was my first time to try out one of their Free Standing Pizza Parlors. We went to the newly opened one of course!

S&R New York Style Pizza

There was no membership required to be able to eat or buy here. Anybody can basically go inside and order just like in any other establishment. If you’re a member, though and you show them your membership card, you automatically get  a 5% discount.

This branch is quite big and I think it can accommodate around 80 -100 customers.

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Shopping for the Season – How to Enjoy Food at its Best

Some foods are available all year round; others such as asparagus are at their best for a very short time, so if you want to incorporate them in your cooking, you need to be quick off the mark.

Modern supermarkets make it incredibly easy to buy food. They stock a wide variety of different produce from all over the world and whatever a recipe calls for, the chances are good that it will be available in your local store. However, if you have a passion for organic, locally sourced produce, you need to be more aware of what is in season so you can plan your shopping accordingly. So what delicious food is currently in season right now?

Spring Lamb

Spring is the time we see cute little lambs gambolling in fields, enjoying their first taste of the sunshine. Spring is also the time when we are able to enjoy the taste of freshly cooked UK reared spring lamb, (although imported lamb is available all year round). If you love lamb, look for meat with a delicate pink tinge to the flesh as this indicates it is nice and fresh. There are lots of ways to cook fresh lamb: roast a leg, grill a loin chop, or even BBQ a butterfly of lamb if the spring weather permits (or you are a hardy soul).


Fish is a seasonal catch, so if you enjoy a nice fish dish, March falls right in the middle of the cod season. Halibut is just coming into season, as is salmon, whereas mussels are at the end of their season. Fish is good for you all year round, but make sure you incorporate some fresh salmon into your diet when it is in season because it is high in protein and essential amino acids.


Spring is a funny time for vegetables. Many winter vegetables are going out of season and therefore not so readily available from local markets whereas the summer veggies are not yet in season. However, there are a few types of vegetables that are at their best around March time, including purple sprouting broccoli and early spring greens (the first crop of cabbages). Other veggies such as peppers, watercress, spinach and certain varieties of potato are just coming into season, so look out for them when you visit the local farmer’s markets.


Imported fruits are available all year round, but home-grown varieties of apples go out of season in early spring. Some fruits are at their best at this time of year. Grapefruit, oranges and rhubarb are all easy to get hold off around March and April time (check out for some great rhubarb crates), so make sure you buy them and use them in your cooking. Other such as blackcurrants, strawberries and gooseberries will be coming into season around May time, so keep an eye out for them.

Sticking to seasonal produce will help to keep your food bills down. If you want locally produced, organic food, check out your local farmer’s market or buy online from reputable suppliers. That way you can enjoy tasty food at reasonable prices.