J.CO’s Premium Colombian Coffee now available in the Philippines

J.CO’s Premium Colombian Coffee now available in the Philippines

How do you like your coffee? I like mine rich, sweet, and creamy. That’s why I’m very excited to try J. Coffee Premium’s Colombia Supremo.

J.COFFEE Premium was launched last month. It is the finest line of coffee beans that can cater to multiple tastes of coffee drinkers.

The first installment of the Premium line collection are Colombian beans imported from Colombia, the third biggest coffee producer in the world.

Just to give you a short background, Colombia’s tropical climate, high elevation, and volcanic soils make it one of the best places to cultivate coffee. The result is a rich flavor with mild aroma, and a hint of nuttiness, making it a favorite among coffee connoisseurs, and appreciated even by non-regular coffee drinkers.

J.COFFEE Premium Colombian beans are roasted at medium level to maintain a consistently rich character without being too mild or too bitter— a sweet spot for the most enjoyable flavor in every cup. As with all of J.CO’s services, J.CO Premium Colombian Coffee is prepared and served with passion and meticulous care. J.CO Premium Colombian Beans can best be relished in the newly-opened concept lifestyle stores of J CO, located at Park Triangle, BGC, and Market! Market!. These stores are nothing short of a premium experience. With their brown walls, high ceilings, and coffee-themed decoration throughout, there are no distractions, fuss, and long lines so you can enjoy a quiet time in your own little space.

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Troubleshooting Tips For Your Boiler

A gas fired boiler is a great source of heat for your home during cold Massachusetts winters. With proper maintenance and regular service, a boiler will provide economical heating and comfortable, even temperatures throughout your home.

Although problems can occur with boilers, like any type of heating system, regular service and maintenance will keep them to a minimum. Here are some troubleshooting tips that can help you detect some common problems before you call for a heating repair Boston MA.

Pilot light – If your boiler has a pilot light, make sure that it’s lit. If it’s difficult to light or doesn’t light at all, you may have a blocked vent pipe. If it lights but goes back out again, the flame sensor or pilot assembly may need to be cleaned or adjusted. If the pilot lights, check to make sure that the main burners come on and stay on.

Thermostat – Check the boiler thermostat and make sure the thermostat reading is set higher than the room temperature. If not, adjust your thermostat. If you have a zoned heating system in your home with individual room thermostats, check the main one first, then check the others one by one.

Circulator Pump – Check the boiler’s circulator pump to make sure it is running. You can test it by putting your hand on the motor. If the motor feels cold to the touch, it’s probably not running. You’ll need to check the breaker that supplies power to your boiler. If the breaker is on, but the motor isn’t running, this may signal a problem with the circulator relay or thermostat.

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Saving money is hard, especially if you have a bunch of kids that require a lot of attention and fun activities. It can all get very expensive and very quickly if you take your kids to an amusement park every weekend or go out for a dinner too. The same goes if you just want to be frugal on an everyday basis.

Short of ideas how to do it and still have fun with kids? Here are some cheap ways how to have a great time with your whole family and forget about the money!

Grow your own fruits and vegetables

One fun way, which I personally really love, is to grow your own vegetable and fruits and include your kids into it. It is not only a fun activity to do to together, but it is educational and it saves money too!

Make a little home garden in your kitchen or plant everything outside and let kids plant everything by their hands. It will make them fall in love with nature and also let them learn the value of work. In the very end, you will not only have something interesting to do every day (because you need to take care of the plants), but in the fall you can enjoy fresh vegetables or fruits! So definitely consider starting your own mini garden at home.

Make your own toys

Another frugal and fun activity for kids is making towns by themselves. It can vary from all kinds of materials to sizes and types – imagination really has no limits here. So let your kids be creative, improve their skills of making stuff and enjoy a great family time too.

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What Happened in July 2015

It’s the end of the month already? August is flying so fast and it has gotten to be such a busy month! You’re probably wondering why I’m sharing with you what happened in July instead of what happened this month. Well, I gave birth last June and because I was in recovery, I wasn’t able to blog about all the things that happened immediately the following month. So before we hop on over to the BER months, let me share with you some of the highlights of my July.

Daddy’s Birthday

peanutbutter celebrated his birthday at the beginning of the month. We had a simple celebration at home and just went out to have dinner afterwards.

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Robinsons Townville, Robinsons Retail Holdings, Inc.’s New Brand Name For Its Community Malls

Robinsons Townville, Robinsons Retail Holdings, Inc.'s New Brand Name For Its Community Malls

Grocery shopping is one of my many forms of relaxation. I know, I know.. it’s actually one of our mommy chores but…aminin natin mommies. It’s nice to go through aisle of new and old goodies at the grocery. There’s something about it that’s really zen and peaceful. If only we have endless budget for it.

Anyway, our favorite grocery these days is Robinsons Townmall which near our home. It’s kinda big and spacious that’s why I love going there. And just like all Robinsons Supermarket they carry a lot of different products.

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Philips AVENT COMFORTABLE ANYWHERE: Breastfeeding at Work

As part of its commitment to helping mothers breastfeed for longer, Philips AVENT is proud to announce the launch of COMFORTABLE ANYWHERE: Breastfeeding at Work, an advocacy that encourages offices across the country to make it easier and more comfortable for moms to breastfeed in the workplace by setting up breastfeeding rooms. The activity coincides with World Breastfeeding Month in the Philippines.

RJ Buenaventura, General Manager for Philips Consumer Lifestyle, shared, “At Philips AVENT we’re committed to supporting parents and their babies, giving them the best start in life to set the stage for healthy futures.  We know that most new moms want to breastfeed their baby because they believe it’s healthier for them. “

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My Nu Skin AgeLOC Expo Experience

Mommies are the busiest people! We always make it a point to take care of our loved ones and there are times when we forget to take care of ourselves. A few days ago, we were given a VIP Access at the Nu Skin AgeLOC Expo to experience how to take care of ourselves and keep on feeling and looking young.

Nu Skin is premium brand of that distributes premium-quality anti-aging products in both the personal care and nutritional supplements categories. The Nu Skin AgeLOc Expo is held quarterly so clients can get a chance to experience how effective the product is.

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