Dinner at Causeway

Dinner at Causeway

After church and grocery last Sunday, my brother treated us for dinner at Causeway in Banawe ave. Everyone who loves good Chicken Feet and Shark’s Fin Dumpling knows Causeway. It is our go-to place whenever cravings for dimsum and dumplings strikes.

Last sunday was the first time in a long time I ate dinner out with my siblings. It felt really nice, specially because it was my brother’s treat…LOL! It’s also the first time I ate rice at Causeway. I usually go for dimsum and noodles. As usual, the kids had fried chicken. They have fried chicken wherever they go!

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One More Way to Enhance Your Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Eco-friendly living is not simply a passing trend. An environmentally conscious lifestyle is designed to protect the environment, your health, your family, your home environment and the future. One quick search on the internet or a few minutes of browsing through a magazine section is all it takes to see that we are encouraged to make eco-friendly choices in all areas of our lives.

There are numerous ways to incorporate environmentally friendly choices into your lifestyle. The materials you use in your home construction and decor play a vital role in determining how healthy the environment inside your home is. If you are remodeling, updating or building a new home, you should take time to familiarize yourself with bamboo flooring facts. A review of just a few of the highlights regarding the use of bamboo can make you want to explore the benefits of bamboo flooring more extensively. For starters, bamboo stalks reach their full potential in 5 to 7 years, whereas hardwood trees take up to 60 years to mature. Bamboo is harvested by hand and because it is a grass with an extensive root system, replanting is not required after harvesting.

Bamboo flooring is durable enough to be used in a home with kids and pets. However, it is essential that you do your research and purchase quality bamboo flooring. For long term durability and beauty, it’s essential that the bamboo flooring you select be from a sturdy species of bamboo. When is comes to choosing bamboo flooring, the lower priced options are often not as durable as you need a floor covering to be.

Along with a lifestyle that supports the environment, there’s also a focus on creating a healthy home environment. Bamboo flooring is considered to be a safe flooring option. The description of safe in terms of flooring refers to how well the flooring fits the CARB 2 indoor air standard. Flooring made of quality bamboo has less formaldehyde than you’ll find in the finish on the furniture in your home.

With bamboo as your flooring choice, you can feel good about the role you play in protecting the health of your family and the future of the environment. In addition to that, you will have a home that looks exquisitely attractive due to the durable, family- friendly bamboo flooring you have incorporated into the design.

Simple Home Touches That Bring Big Style

There are some ways to enhance the home without major renovations or refurbishments that will still create a dramatic change and fresh face. Sometimes it is the very simplest and subtle changes that can evoke the biggest change in the home. When looking at ways to affordably change-up the spaces of the home, it makes sense to consider the following approaches:

Bedding and linens

Replace current linens with some chic, modern bedding and fabulous bathroom accessories. Go for organic fabrics with longevity in neutral colors. Pair with thick towels for a fresh look to these intimate spaces of the home. Consider two sets of the same crisp, contemporary set so there is always the ability to mix and match seamlessly during the appropriate season.


The lighting is a critical contributor to the mood and atmosphere of the space. Garner more energy by optimizing natural light and bringing in adequate fixtures. Set a warm, relaxed tone with muted lighting in warm shades.
Window treatments

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Things I’m Thankful for This October

Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.”
― Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose”

It’s Friday but I don’t think the weekend’s gonna be a restful, peaceful weekend. It’s a busy month for us and I’m loving every minutes of it. There were school activities, work, lunch outs, work applications, exams and whatnots. Whew! We are tired most of the time and we go to sleep at 9pm. Most days I woke up at around 4am to prepare breakfast for the loves of my life. If I’m still sleepy, I hit the snooze button on my alarm or re-program the alarm at 5am.

Life is hectic but I’m not complaining because life is generally good. peanutbutter wanted to work in for the government  so he took the civil service exam and applied. I’m not going to disclose where he applied yet but  he passed the civil service exam. And I think works on the way. That’s one of the things I’m thankful for this month.

It’s going to be Fall and I love this season even if we don’t have one here in the Philippines. I’m so grateful to my Starbucks Family for sending out this Starbucks Via Ready Brew Caffe Mocha and the Starbucks Autumn Card. The card is so pretty and this instant Caffe Mocha allowed me to prepare and enjoy Starbucks Caffe Mocha at home.

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Wood Creek Academy

Help Get Your Boys In Line

When parents are at their wit’s end trying to make their children behave, they must consider schools for troubled boys. A place like Wood Creek Academy is going to give boys the structure they need to get right with the world. All the items below are advantages that boys get from attending the school.

The Structure

The boys are on a strict schedule at all times when they are enrolled in the school. Structure is the first thing that boys will respond to, and it will help them to learn what kind of order they need in their life to be productive members of society. The school keeps a tight schedule, and they make sure that all the teachers and students stick to that schedule during the day.

The Discipline

The boys are the school have a strict set of rules that they must follow. Also, they must make sure that they are adhering to the consequences for breaking the rules. These boys are used to getting away with breaking the rules, but they cannot get away with it when they are at the school. The teachers and administrators teach the boys that they must follow the rules at all times.

The Diet

The boys are kept on a diet that makes them more stable during the day. The boys are not given a great deal of sugar, and their meals are balanced for their health. Also, the boys are put into a rigorous exercise regimen that will help them to focus their energy. The boys will be great athletes, but they will also much more stable because their energy is used wisely. The combination of diet and exercise helps the boys to follow the rules more closely.

When boys are out of control, they need to be in a place where they can learn how to be much better behaved. These boys will learn how to act in society, but they will also be given skills that will allow them to be much better citizens when they graduate into the real world and economy.