Using The Gun Safe Wisely

People who are trying to protect their families need to make sure that they are using gun safes when they click here. The choice to purchase a gun safe is required when people keep guns in the house, and the safes give people the chance to organize all the weaponry that they keep in the house.

The Display Case

There are many gun safes that come with fiberglass or Lexan glass cover. Thee covers are bulletproof, and they will protect the gun while they are in the safe. These serious safes are easy to use, and they can be left open to display the guns. When the gun owner wants to close the safe, they will be able to leave the safe in a large room because it is designed like a nice piece of furniture.

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Pregnancy: Most Important Period in Women’s Lives

Every woman dreams to be a mom. Every woman dreams about lovely kids. Every woman dreams to hear: “Mommy, I love you! Mommy, you are the best!”…Time passes, circumstances change…Various events change our life. There are two main periods in our life: before and after pregnancy. Pregnancy is the most important period in women’s life.

Since ancient times, pregnancy has been associated with joy and happiness! Pregnancy makes us happy. Pregnancy makes use smiling. Pregnancy makes us healthier. Pregnancy is an awesome experience. Pregnancy is a wonderful thing. Find other moms and share your happiness!

All mothers love to spend time with their children. All mothers are crazy about their children. All mothers believe their children are the best! Mothers will always love their children! Mothers will always support their children! Mothers will always and understand their children! Mothers will do everything for their children’s happiness! There is nothing more powerful than a mother’s love. A mother’s love is the purest love. Countless poems, tales and legends have been written in honor of a mother’s love. A mother’s love… “It is made of deep devotion and of sacrifice and pain; it is endless and unselfish…”

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Share your Best Mommy Moments with Pambatang Solmux 200mg #BestMOMents Promo!

Like all you wonderful mommies out there who want their children to be the best that they can be, I also want Ykaie to be the best kid and to maximize her potentials. That is why I do the best that I can to guide her, to support her in her interests, and just be there whenever she needs me. These are the ways how I show her that I am her best friend and her best mom.

The best moment of my life as a mother was when Ykaie was born but there are also wonderful moments after that. I am very proud of Ykaie because she graduated nursery, kinder, and prep with honors… and she was consistent! She’s the first honors in those three consecutive years. That’s something that is not easy to achieve but I am very happy that that she did. I always make sure to inject fun whenever we study. I think  it’s one of the reasons why she enjoyed going to school and studying. We make a good tandem, don’t we? No need for a tutor here… When it comes to school work, I am Ykaie’s best tandem just like how Pambatang Solmux 200mg is our best tandem in ensuring that she gets relief from cough with phlegm.

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Ykaie’s Hello Kitty Room

Ykaie's Hello Kitty Room

Ykaie had a room makeover recently. W-ell, not really a makeover because she’s staying there for barely two months. It was just re-decorated with Hello Kitty galore — and more pink! She now has a pink bed curtain which, I’m absolutely sure,  made her feel like a princess each night, a Hello Kitty Wall Lamp, Hello Kitty Bed Sheet, pink curtains, and Hello Kitty Slippers.

At first, she wanted a safari-like room, so we bought a lot of animal printed  sheets and blankets, a fake tiger rug, and there’s even a thin, stuffed monkey hanging on her doorknob. Now that she’s at home there, she wanted more girly stuff. I guess she’s really growing up huh?

If you’ll notice, now the design of her room is a mixture of Hello Kitty, animal prints, and pink. I think it’s really cute too!

Ykaie's Hello Kitty Room

I saw this Hello Kitty Wall Lamp as sort of a night light and would give off a soft, serene light. It turned out to be brighter than what I expected but Ykaie likes it so she gets to keep it and turn it on when going to bed. I turn it off when she’s asleep and turn on her old night light. Sssssshhh.

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Kiddie Garage Sale by Ykaie, Cyra, and Cyvrine

Ykaie, Cyra, and Cyvrine had a Garage Sale in fron t of the house last week. They sold old toys, headbands, wallets, and whatnots which they don’t like anymore. These are things accumulated when we moved in to our new house a month ago. We chose the toys that Ykaie still liked and those that she doesn’t like anymore were thrown in a big box and set aside. The toys in the big box are those that were sold at this kiddie garage sale.

Things were sold for a very cheap price. Some are only priced at ₱1! Some are for ₱5 and ₱10, the most expensive ones.

 Kiddie Garage Sale by Ykaie

I remember how much fun Ykaie had when she had he  first garage sale (Garage Sale ni Ykaie) back in 2010 when she was still 2 years old!

I also have fun looking after them during their garage sale. I love how they anwswer when someone asks them how much an item is. I believe the garage sale teaches them enterpreneurial drive even subconsciously. Hey, they’re just children and I know to them all of these are just play.

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