Let’s Dare Our Minds To Create With DMC Handcrafted

Let's Dare Our Minds To Create With DMC Handcrafted

One of the things I hated back in freshman year in high school was cross stitching. I didn’t like the little threads and the patterns. The only reason why I did our cross stitch projects back then was because it needed to be submitted. After that, I resigned to the fact that I didn’t like doing arts and crafts.

When I was  in third year, we had a crochet project. It was one of the projects I enjoyed doing even though I wasn’t that good in it because I felt more free and I can move my hands. It was then that I realized that there is a certain kind of arts and craft that a person will enjoy doing.

Let's Dare Our Minds To Create With DMC Handcrafted

So no, I do not believe in the saying that Arts and Crafts is not for everyone. I believe that everyone has her own creativity all bottled up inside. One just needs to discover how to unleash it and what medium to use to do so.

When I attended the DMC Handcrafted Event, I discovered that there are lots of other craft options to choose from like embroidery, knotting, dreamcatchers, string art, knitting, crochet and cross-stitch.

With these, DMC challenges everybody to think outside of the box and to create something beautiful.

Let's Dare Our Minds To Create With DMC Handcrafted

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Baguio Trip 2015: Mines View Park

Mines View Park

Another tourist attraction in Baguio is the Mines View Park. We were able to drop by there before checking in at Pine Breeze Cottage.

Mines View Park

Mines View Park is one of the most popular and most visited place in Baguio. We spotted this painting along the entrance where the stalls selling native handicrafts and food pasalubongs are. And we decided to have a wacky shot taken.

Mines View Park

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5 Must-See Tips For Bloggers

Are you starting a new blog and looking for success, or trying to expand your current readership? It might seem like a daunting task given the amount of competition out there, but there are some key things you can do to set your blog off in the right direction. Here are five top tips that I found useful for MommyPeach.com. These tips will benefit both beginner and veteran bloggers alike.

Engage with readers

At the heart of every good blog is reader engagement. Of course, this is easier said than done, but there are a few things it helps to bear in mind. Make sure that you pay attention to comments and respond courteously if a genuine point is being raised. Also, ask readers what they think at the end of each blog, and be aware of their topic suggestions.

Deliver on your promises

A healthy blog readership is all about retaining readers long enough for them to recommend you to their friends. This means not using trickery to get people to your blog, and not casting your net in too many different directions when it comes to subject matter. Make sure your content is consistent, and that every title describes the blog content accurately.

Incorporate trends

While it’s important not to stray from your key focus, you should be able to find ways of linking current trends to your subject matter. This way you’re likely to attract people to your blog who aren’t necessarily seeking it out.

Figure out email verification

Sorting your email verification isn’t a very technical process, and can really pay off when it comes to emailing readers with a regular newsletter. This service will prevent non-emails from being entered, and also makes you aware of bad email addresses. This will improve your sender reputation, and means your messages will reach more genuine readers.

Connect with your peers

The word ‘competition’ isn’t all that relevant to blogging. The truth is, building relationships with bloggers operating in the same field is good for everyone involved – it improves your overall visibility and means you share a pool of readers who are likely to check out similar topics. So reach out to peers rather than shunning them.


It would be good to find out if any of these were useful for you guys and whether or not it’s worked for you. Please feel free leave me some comments below.

Top 5 Fabulous Gifts For Dad

Whether you’re looking for a Christmas gift, the perfect birthday gadget or just a little something to say thank you, finding a present for the man who has everything is no easy task. Here’s a list of some of our favorite options to stop you having to resort to socks and golf tees.

1. Charging wallet

This is our absolute favourite gadget at the moment – a stylish leather wallet with a hidden battery pack for your smart phone. Gone are the days of dead mobiles at inopportune moments; this hidden gadget means your dad will always be able to keep in touch.

2. E-cigarettes and cigars

This is a gift that keeps on giving! Not only do you have a choice of accessories and gadgets for future gifts, but you can be sure he’ll appreciate it every rainy day when he no longer has to venture into the cold to smoke. These popular gadgets come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so the best electronic cigarette to buy will really depend on your Dad’s tastes and style. If he’s more partial to the odd indulgence, why not try an e-cigar for something a bit different?

3. A day out

Sometimes the old ideas are the best, and treating your Dad to a day out is great way to show how much you care. From a river cruise along the Thames to a full-blown weekend away, the possibilities here are absolutely endless. Choose a ready-made excursion or make your own, stay close to home or venture further a field; whatever you opt for you can be sure your Dad will appreciate the sentiment.

4. Photo book

You can’t beat the personal touch. Fill a photo album full of his favourite family pictures for a heart-warming gift you know no one else will give him.

5. Something silly

From self-stirring mugs to funny eggcups, personalised coasters to grow-your-own Bonsai tree kits, the world of novelty gifts is flourishing. Maybe not the best ‘main’ present, one or two of these carefully chosen gadgets are sure to bring a smile to his face, whatever the occasion.