Lemon Square Power Pops | www.mommypeach.com

With three active kids always running and playing inside the house, we make sure not to run out of snacks that would not only keep them energized and satisfied but are also delicious. Aside from fruits, some of the snacks that we always keep available are Lemon Square cupcakes.

It was only the other day when I had the chance to give Lemon Square Power Pops a try. Lemon Square Power Pops are chewy snacks made from popped rice (rice crispies). It’s in the form of a bar and it has Vitamin A,C, B2 and B9 (folic acid). It comes in three flavors namely: Champorado, Peanut Caramel with Bottom Chocolate Coating, and Milky Caramel with Cookie Bits.

Lemon Square Power Pops Champorado | www.mommypeach.com

Ykaie and I liked the Champorado best.We all love chocolate at home and this tastes like dark chocolate champorado only in a dry bar form.

Lemon Square Power Pops Peanut Caramel with bottom chocolate coating | www.mommypeach.com

The Peanut Caramel with Bottom Chocolate Coating tastes like peanutbutter and chocolate which I’m sure all peanutbutter-lovers out there will adore.

Lemon Square Power Pops Milky Caramel with Cookie Bits | www.mommypeach.com

My nieces Cyra and Cyvrine preferred the Milky Caramel with Cookie Bits among the three. They said that it tastes like cookies and cream.

One box of Lemon Square Power Pops costs around ₱62 and has 10 pieces.

Power Shop for Power Pops Moms

Power Pops Mother's Day Promo Mechanics


To celebrate the upcoming Mother’s Day, Lemon Square Power Pops is launching the Power Shop for Power Pops Moms promo. It’s an online contest with the easiest mechanics! It’s a simple sharing of your best photo with your loving moms on your Facebook timelines answering the question, Why do you love your mom?.

Here are the actual Mechanics as written in the photo above:

  • Upload your best photo with your mom on your timeline and state reasons why you love her as the caption. Tag Powerpops FB page and include the hashtag #PowerShopForPowerPopsMoms to be considered an official entry.
  • Three winners will be selected to get a hold of Sodexo gift certificates plus gift packs from Power Pops. Consolation prizes in a form of gift packs will be given to 5 other participants.
Place Prize
1st Place P10,000 worth of Sodexo and Power Pops gift packs
2nd Place P5,000 worth of Sodexo and Power Pops gift packs
3rd Place P3,000 worth of Sodexo and Power Pops gift packs


  • Entries will be judged according to the following criteria: photo creativity and presentation (50%), “Why I love my mom” statement originality (40%) and Power Pops judges’ personal choice (10%).
  • Promo is valid nationwide. Promo period is from April 21 – May 9, 2014
  • Winners of the promo will be announced via Powerpops FB page on May 12, 2014.

It’s so easy to join right?  I’m sure you already love taking selfies with your moms, so while you’re at it, go ahead and win yourselves some Sodexo gift certificates and Power Pops gift packs.

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Tuesday afternoon found sis, Ykaie, Cyra, Cyvrine and me at SM Mall of Asia.

We weren’t really scheduled to go there but when my nanay told me she was craving for pancakes, my initial reaction was I wanna take her to IHOP. She rarely craves for anything these days so when her cravings strikes, we want to give it to her.

I told sis and the kids we should take her to MOA after her doctor’s appointment. Sis agreed and the kids got very excited. There was one problem, nanay didn’t want to go.

I told sis we’re not going anymore. She and the kids got disappointed.

Since I was planning to buy work out clothes, I thought what the heck, and we went ahead to MOA at around 4pm.

We still went and had early dinner at IHOP as planned earlier……

And then the kids requested for kiddie rides at SM by the Bay.

It was such a fun night that I lost track of time.  Iforgot about the work out clothes I’m supposed to buy. Yes, I’m starting to work-out again. I do laundry on a weekly basis and the three pairs of work out clothes that I own are not enough to last for a week.

I don’t think I’m gonna have time to go to the mall soon. So now, I’m planning to just buy online. The first website I checked is  Zalora, of course! I know I can find all kinds of sports clothing at Zalora and I’m so glad that they carry one of the brands that I like which is AllStar.

I already own a pair of Pink AllStar top and capri. I saw an AllStar orange top at Zalora that is just ablsolutely perfect to my liking.

Hope they have it in my size!

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Happy Skin Hydrating Powder Foundation | www.mommypeach.com

Because my face powder is begging to retire, I had to go and buy myself a new one. When it comes to face powders, I haven’t been loyal to one brand. I guess I haven’t found one that I really like. One time sis and I were at the mall, she went in at Plains & Prints to check out a pair of peach shorts she wanted to wear for an upcoming trip. While she was in the fitting room, I saw this make-up stand filled with Happy Skin Cosmetics.

Yes, I am living under a rock. It’s my first time to see this brand.

The staff at Plains and Prints asked me if I wanted to buy a lippie. Since I needed a face powder, I told her that’s what I’m looking for and she showed me this: Don’t Get Mad, Get Even Hydrating Powder Foundation.

Happy Skin Hydrating Powder Foundation | www.mommypeach.com

It costs ₱1,299 and is said to “layer on beautifully for customizable coverage that minimizes the appearance of pores, fine lines, and dullness. Plus, it provides a stunning, soft-focus_ finish that hides traces of haggard, sleepless evenings or a heartbreak.

According to the website:

This powder foundation is crafted with Japanese tea extract to soothe redness and is infused with SPF 20 PA++. This smart powder fuses the benefits of skincare & makeup innovation. The transforming finishing shade conveniently adapts to your closest natural skin tone

How To Use:

Use the sponge to pat on the skin-perfecting powder foundation over your T-zone and spread evenly over the rest of your face in light, smooth strokes. Fold the sponge to target smaller areas around the eyes, nose, and mouth. Best used with Don’t Get Mad, Get Even liquid foundation for a flawless and seamless finish

It’s available in three shades. I bought the lighter shade 01 Soft Beige.

I really like this face powder. It has maximum coverage, it has SPF, and it really freshens up my face when I’m out all day.

Can you tell me what Happy Skin products have you tried? I want to try the moisturizing lippie next time.

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Recognition Day 2014

April 12, 2014

I can’t believe two weeks has passed by and I still haven’t posted Ykaie, Cyra and Cyvrine’s Recognition Day 2014. As you all know these three kids all go to the same pre-school within the neighborhood. This is their last year in that school. Since fewer students are ending the school year than what started, […]

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Convenient Concierge Moving Services

April 11, 2014

Moving to a new home comes with a lot of stress for all members of the family. Busy individuals may not have the time to take care of all the tasks that are involved with changing residence. Fortunately, concierge services are available to help busy individuals with the moving process. A concierge essentially takes over […]

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Experienced, Qualified Plumbing Services in Orem

March 29, 2014

Everybody knows a property owner, landlord or all-around handy dandy do-it-yourself enthusiast or family member who claims to be an “expert” in plumbing. They’ve “been doing it for years.” While many of them might get some problems resolved some of the time, the chance of something going very wrong is a concern all of the […]

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Ykaie loves her Disney Frozen Dolls: Elsa and Anna

March 28, 2014
Thumbnail image for Ykaie loves her Disney Frozen Dolls: Elsa and Anna

I think all kids these days are crazy about the characters from Disney’s Frozen — specially with Elsa, Anna, and Olaf. My daughter is no exception. And because her Tita Arlene (my SIL) loves her so much, she bought her a set of toddler Elsa and Anna dolls with a bonus– a small Olaf. Ykaie […]

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