Valentines Day 2015

I wanted to have do something really nice to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year because this is the first Valentine’s Day after four years that peanutbutter is celebrating with us. But with so much to do and being pregnantly lazy made it really hard for me to plan things…

So I thought I’d just prepare breakfast in bed for my two loves. The thing was, Valentine’s Day was also our Barangay’s patron saint’s fiesta. There was a party at the basketball court near our house which made it totally impossible for us to sleep. I think the party went on until 1am and when it quieted down, that’s the only time we were able to catch some shut-eye.

I woke up around 7am…and I wasn’t able to surprise them with breakfast in bed.

Of course, the heart-shaped bacon and pancakes still pushed-through. While I was cooking breakfast, Ykaie surprised me with a Valentine’s day heart and a box of m&m’s while peanutbutter, who knew I don’t really like flowers bought me a box of my favorite chocolates!

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Baby Monitors And How To Buy Them

Baby monitor is one of the most essential security devices when you have a little one at home. Also referred to as baby alarms, it’s basically a type of radio system which remotely captures sound of an infant. The audio monitors come with transmitter unit, accompanied by a microphone- which is placed close to the kid. The sound is transmitted through radio waves into a receiver, with speaker near to or carried by the care-giver or parent. Some of the baby monitors allow a dual communication facility where the parent or care-giver can speak as well.

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Added to the audio monitors, you will also find video baby monitors today that come up with video camera, assuring complete visual of the baby on receiver. Some of the advanced baby video monitors are equipped with night-vision feature – you will have them with infrared LEDs that enable clear visual in dark room.

Do you too have a little one at home and you are looking to buy a baby monitor? There is a wide variety of baby monitors around but not all of them would be compatible for you. When it comes to something regarding your child, you would definitely wish for the most suitable device. The post below offers tips on how to buy the right baby monitor.

Read reviews

First of all, you must take time out to get a comparative market survey on 4-6 baby monitor brands. Follow the expert reviews online and go through the user testimonials. The one you take to should be one of the most highly reputed names, backed by a long list of happy parents. Find Levana baby monitor reviews at .

Go digital

Baby monitors come in both analog & digital version but its advised to take to the latter. Yes, the analog ones are comparatively cheaper yet these can’t promise the high sound quality as offered by the digital option. Moreover, with digital models there’s no chance of eavesdropping.

DECT models

Look for baby monitors with Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) technology. These advanced models are able to encrypt audio signals in between transmitter & receiver- DECT video monitors are regarded highly for optimum security benefits. While buying the DECT baby monitors, go for the ones with 1.9 GHz frequency.

Low-battery indication

Your chosen baby monitor should come up with low-battery indicator facility so that you can always be aware of its power needs.

How to Manage Kids and Pets While Working from Home

Working from home could be a great way to enjoy more autonomy, make your own schedule, and be able to take care of your kids and pets. But if you share your home with children and pets, it can be difficult to find the focus and silence you need to get things done for your job. So can you create the most effective balance and manage your kids and pets while you work at home? Continue reading for a few helpful tips.

Take Care of Your Pets Before You Settle Down

Before settling down to work, make sure your pets are fed, given fresh water, and taken for a walk. You may also decide to do things like clean your cat’s litter box before starting your day, or save it for the end of the day and create a routine in that manner.

The keyword here is routine, as animals will easily establish and follow one that you’ve set. If you fail to establish a routine for activities like taking your dog out for a walk or feeding your pets, they’ll probably end up bothering you at odd times throughout the day instead.

Make playtime something pets can enjoy in the evening, for example, so they don’t expect it any sooner. In this way, they can settle down with you while you work and keep you company instead. You can also check out My Pawson for more helpful tips from other pet owners on how to keep your pets calm and happy throughout the day.

Have Your Own Workspace

Like pets, your kids will gladly pester you all day to get your attention, but setting up a designated workspace could be one way to show them that you mean business. Instead of carrying your laptop everywhere as you feed your kids and give them whatever attention they’re craving, let them know that you’re going to the office room, for example, to get work done. And, like pets, fulfil their needs before you head off to work so that they have everything they need to stay occupied while you work. For young children, this can be tough, but older kids should understand the boundaries.

Establish Specific Work Hours

It’s also a good idea to set up a schedule for your work, especially if you freelance, so you can put in a certain number of hours each day without overdoing it and without work life getting in the way of your personal life with your family.

Your kids will understand that you need to work, for example, from 9am to 4pm every day, so they’ll respect the fact that you need a quiet workspace to focus and get things done. Once you’re finished for the day, you can then devote all of your attention to your loved ones without any interruptions. But if a full-day work schedule doesn’t work for you, such as if you have small children, work while they’re taking naps and take breaks throughout the day to spend time with your little ones.

Surf, Cebuana Lhuillier, and Smart Strengthens Their Commitment for Environmental Sustainability

Whenever I pass by Cebuana Lhuillier near our home, I always see the a small standee outside of it that says “Free ₱10 texts for every ₱5 Sachet of Surf”. I thought a lot of people must be redeeming their free texts because if you think about it, it’s really worth the money. You get more than you pay for.

Imagine buying  a ₱5 sachet of Surf, using it for your laundry and then aside from the soap, you also get ₱10 worth of text messages!

This is why the Sachet Recovery Program of Surf, Cebuana Lhuillier, and Smart  is so successful! Last week, I was able to witness how these three industry leaders renewed their commitment to champion environmental sustainability.

With their shared mission to improve Filipino lives, the partners launched the third year of their Sachet Recovery Program at the Mandaluyong Elementary School. Through their joint efforts, the partners were able to create a process that is easy, convenient and rewarding, the program involves and educates more consumers about sustainability and waste recycling.

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Isdaan Floating Restaurant in Gerona, Tarlac

Isdaan Floating Restaurant in Gerona, Tarlac

We have been to Isdaan Floating Restaurant a number of times. When I started driving, my first long drive was to Isdaan Restaurant in Calauan, Laguna. Then when we went to the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in 2012, we also made sure to drop by here in Isdaan Restaurant in Gerona.

We also had many stop overs here when our feet takes us anywhere in the north. This time, we had a late lunch here when we came home from Baguio. peanutbutter haven’t been here because he was in Dubai on those times that we went here.

Isdaan Floating Restaurant in Gerona, Tarlac

He’s heard so many good things about this place from me. So he made sure we give this place a visit on the way back to Manila. I think we arrived here at around two in the afternoon but the place was full because it was a long weekend. We had to wait around for a few minutes before we scored a table.

Isdaan Floating Restaurant in Gerona, Tarlac

As usual, we roamed around and I showed peanutbutter the differents sights and activities we could do while waiting for our table and our food.

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