Luthier’s Collection – Fine, Handmade Quality Guitars

The Luthier’s Collection of handmade guitars is a one-of-a-kind collection of guitars that are made out of respect to today’s finest guitar makers. Some of the finest names being made today have demand that is far exceeding their ability to keep up with it. That’s where Luthier’s craftsmen come into the scene. The specialists at Luthier’s have developed working partnerships with many of the top guitar builders in the business and can get you the guitar that you are wanting without the extended wait time.

Luthier's Collection - Fine, Handmade Quality Guitars

The goal of the craftsmen at Luthier’s is to provide you with a quality instrument that will bring you years of enjoyment and pride. When you have found a guitar that you just can’t live without, the experts at Luthier’s are able to provide you with a comparable guitar at a much lower price without the wait. The quality is exactly the same and the look and quality of the sound of the guitar are also impeccably exact.

Some of the guitars represent some of these builders: Michael Bashkin, Mario Beauregard, Mark Blanchard, Dan Bresnan, Laurent Brondel, Circa Guitars, Ed Claxton, Simon Fay, Franklin, Michael Greenfield, Kent Hamblin, Jason Kostal, Raymond Kraut, Grit Laskin, Linda Manzer, “Michi” Matsuda, James Olson, Ervin Somogyi, Santi, Jeff Traugott, and Kim Walker, just to name a few.

Luthier built guitars are exquisitely made from only the finest materials in tribute to the fine guitars that are made by the artists who we complement. Because of the working relationship that we have developed with our partners, we are able to provide you a quality instrument, made with the same precision, able to replicate the beautiful sounds exactly, and we are able to do so with a fraction of the wait time.

We are able to also offer mandolins for a classic, elegant sound that is rarely heard anymore. Other necessary features and accessories are available, as well as customer service and experts available to answer any of your questions before your order, during the building process or after you receive your masterpiece.

We are confident that we will be able to earn your business by building a relationship of trust and confidence once you’ve had an opportunity to experience a Luthier guitar. The entire staff at Luthier values the opportunity to work with fine people and appreciate your business and your loyalty.

Modern Flooring Ideas For A Stylish House

You might have a truly inspired colour palette, a whole range of sleek modern furniture and the latest fixtures and accessories, but it’s all going to be for naught if your floors look tired and drab. Don’t take the easy way out – there are more inspired choices than carpet, porcelain tiles and hardwood stain. Here are five modern flooring options that might work perfectly in your stylish home.

Textured Carpets

Who would have thought that changing the size and shape of the fibres in the carpet could have such a positive effect? Carpets with variable pile heights and a mixture of cut and looped piles are all the rage when it comes to comfortable, liveable flooring options. The slight alterations in pile height and shape give the carpet a textured appearance, often following a broad geometric pattern. These carpets are available from high-end carpet suppliers like Stainmaster (click here).

Modern Parquetry

Parquet floors are created using cuts of coloured wood, arranged in intricate geometric patterns. Parquet floors have been popular in Middle Eastern homes for decades and they really caught on in the West as part of the art deco movement. It’s rare to come across genuine parquetry in modern homes – the timber is expensive and it takes an expert (and expensive) craftsman to do the installation. The style is still making a comeback though, with tricky designers simply applying stain and stencils to regular timber floors.

Whitewashed Timber

For many renovators, sanding and staining the hardwood floor found under the carpet or linoleum is now standard practice. But think twice before you apply that same old stain. For a really interesting look, some modern homeowners are actually whitewashing their old timber floors. The timber should be stripped back then bleached two or three times, before a light stain and seal is applied. The end result is a light, organic-looking timber floor that would not be out of place in a well-loved Hamptons beach home.

Glass Tiles

They’re bright, they’re luminous and they’re being installed in a stylish house near you. Usually relegated to splashbacks and shower cavities, many adventurous designers are now applying glass tiles on floors. Most glass tiles are tiny (usually just two or three centimetres along each edge) and designed for application en masse in a mosaic pattern. Large glass tile are less common but arguably even more beautiful. These aren’t the right solution for everyone – they can be very slippery, prone to damage and are very expensive – but they do look absolutely beautiful.


There’s so much more to cork floor than their stylish finish. Warm and somewhat soft, they feel great underfoot. They’re also available in tiles or planks, so they’re very easy and cost effective to install. Cork is not as dense as traditional timber floor options, so it’s worth investing in a high quality option if you want it to last. A thick cut with a large granule will wear better over the long term. There’s a whole lot of finishing options for cork floors too – they can be sealed, stained or even painted.

These are just a few of the modern flooring options that trendy homeowners and savvy interior designers are using to create wonderful spaces.

Have you tried something unusual or unique in the floors on your home? Are you still happy with the result or do you wish you went with something a little more traditional? Share your thoughts with others in the comments section below.

Jollitown The Big Fun Event at SMX Convention Center

Lots of Fun at Jollitown The Big Fun Event

Sundays are family day. It’s your day to spend quality time with your family. Last sunday, we spent our family day at the Jollitown #TheBigFunEvent held at SMX Convention Center.

Jollitown is a children’s television program produced by Jollibee, airing every Sunday mornings. It stars none other than Jollibee and his friends Yum, Twirlie, Hetty, and Popo. Ykaie loved Jollitown and Jollibee that’s why she was very excited when I told her we were going to Jollitown The Big Fun Event.

This event is exclusive to Jollibee Kids Club members and tickets are available for ₱65 per person. The ticket is inclusive of a meal (regular yum + drink) and a lootbag for the kids.

Lots of Fun at Jollitown The Big Fun Event

Jollibee Bob House

Inside The Big Fun Event were lots of inflatables and playzones where children can have the time of their life playing and bouncing. There were already a lot of people when we arrived and there was a long line on each playzone.

We got our passports. The passports allowed us to try each playzone and get a surprise toy afterwards. Ykaie loved posing at the giant bucket of Chicken Joy, Drinks and Fries!

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Home Loans For Everybody

Embrace home loans in Maryland help people to make the most of their opportunity to own a home. Home ownership is one catalyst that the economy needs, and there are many families that need a special program to get them into a mortgage. With a new program, all the items listed below fall into place.

The Approval

The approval process is different for these home loans, and there are many packages designed for people who are in need of a new loan. Military personnel, teachers, single parents and other groups are able to get mortgages through a service like this.

The Rates

The rates for these mortgages are slightly lower than average to allow these borrowers the chance to save money on their home. Many people end up being unable to afford anything but their home, and these mortgage plans make it much easier for people to lower their payments.

The rates on the homes can be changed through refinancing, and this can lower payments even further. The family that is looking to save money on their home payments should look at this type of loan for some relief. Choosing the right rate will help lower payments.

The Closing

The closing process for most families is fast. The family that has never bought a house before will have a representative at the closing table to help explain the process. The mortgage lender works with a lawyer who understands the process, and the borrower will have every document explained before they sign.

When people are out looking for new loans for their homes, they need to make sure that they are given a process that benefits their financial position. The lender offers packages that are profitable for homeowners, and the homeowners get rates that will keep their payments low for many years to come.

Husay at Malasakit (Excellence and Compassion): My Way and The Unilab Way

‘Di lang maraming nalalaman, maraming natutulungan
Magaling sa ginagawa, mapag-alaga sa kapwa

Makabago man ang proseso, hindi nawawala ang puso
Bawat hakbang may husay, bawat galaw may malasakit

Para lahat ay masaya, masigla, panatag
Ganyan kami nagsimula, ganyan kami magpapatuloy…
Husay at Malasakit, UNILAB ‘yan!

 I’ve just seen the latest TVC of Unilab and I can’t help but be touched by it.

It reminded me that I should be proud to have shown husay at malasakit in my own little way as a stay at home mom and as a food blogger.

As a stay-at-home mom: There’s a saying at Charity begins at home. Husay at Malasakit begins at home as well.

Ykaie is now six years old and turning seven next month. As a mom, I’m doing the best I can in order to raise her as a God-fearing, honest, compassionate, dilligent, and kind-hearted young child. I believe that instilling those values in her while young, she will grow up to be a God-Fearing, honest, compassionate, dilligent, and kind-hearted adult as well. It’s nice to know that I’m giving the world another citizen who can help  towards it’s growth. I’m giving people a friend, someone they can trust, and someone who’s willing to help others when they need it.

As a food blogger: I mostly blog about recipes I cook at home. These recipes are very easy to do, has ingredients that are readily available, healthy, and delicious. I also make it a point to plate it in a nice way so that it’ll me more appetizing. I’m glad that through my food blog I’m able to reach out to other moms out there and help them in thinking of what to serve to their family. Since the recipes are easy to do, cooking it won’t take a lot of their time and they can spend more time with their family.

Just like how Unilab, the biggest pharmaceutical company in the Philippines, has really shown us what it means to have husay at malasakit (Excellence and Compassion) and has even geared their company’s belief in this.

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