Twinkle’s OOTD + A Grateful Monday

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.”  – Robert Brault

I was a fully functional adult today as opposed to being the usual zombie mommy who wasn’t able to get the recommended number of sleep hours. Thanks to my peanutbutter who was able to somehow relieve me of mommy duties to Twinkle in the wee hours of the morning.

I thought of posting Twinkle’s OOTD last week but ended up doing a number of other more important things. This got pushed to the background but I the I remembered them today. And because I have a functional brain, I also remembered the last time I posted a gratitude list was October of last year. Life, indeed, has kept me busy.

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Shopping The Stress Away

To say that I have got my hands full is really such an understatement! I have recently given birth and you know how demanding having a new baby could be. Aside from the many sleepless nights, the pedia visits that I have to keep in mind, I also worry about a gazillion other things concerning my new born. I know, it should be pretty easier since I am not a new mom, but it has been ages ago since I’ve had a small baby and I feel like I am starting all over again.

My big eye bags are such obvious giveaways that I continuously lack sleep and that I am stressed on some occasions. Of course as a mother, you do not let stress get in the way of all your motherly duties. I make sure I do plenty of enjoyable and fun activities to combat stress and one perfect way to do it is by bonding with my girls. They are most precious to me and I enjoy every moment I spend with them.

Another perfect stress reliever for me is shopping, it can be online or actually going out to browse for interesting items in a shop, it does not matter, as long as I get to shop for something that I absolutely love. It is enough to melt the stress away. I am currently looking for a new bag, something big enough to carry all my baby’s essential while we are out and something that will instantly add a pop of color to my outfit. I saw this beautiful collection and I was really smitten. I love the modern and chic design, as well as the different colors and styles. I thought any mom will need one of these to complete her wardrobe. Among the many items, this lovely pink tote here is what really got my attention. I love the color and it will be big enough to carry my little girl’s essentials along with mine.

I believe that bags are so much just like shoes and that you can never really have too many. If I could I would really love to get a handful of new bags and will most definitely get a couple of cute ones for Ykaie, too! If you are just like me who love shopping for bags to de-stress, then I recommend you check out Zaful for a wide collection of fashionable and affordable bags.

#BaonProblems? Gardenia has #BaonSolutions!

#BaonProblems? Gardenia has #BaonSolutions!

I don’t know about you but every week, I am having a hard time thinking of what to feed Ykaie as baon for school. She goes to school five times a week that means I have to think about and prepare five snacks for recess and five lunch baons for her! Sometimes I ran out of ideas!

I’m sure you mommies out there have encountered the same dilemma.

Fortunately, Gardenia has plenty of solutions—all of them delicious, nutritious, and cost-effective. Best of all, your kids will love you for it!

1. Let them eat Gardenia Cream-Filled Rolls

What kid wouldn’t like a delicious cream-filled bun for a snack?

Baked fresh every day, the new Gardenia Cream-Filled Roll is one-of-a- kind, delicious, and oh-so-creamy! Your kid will flip when they see it as their baon.

Keep the baon interesting by rotating 6 of the rolls’ yummiest flavors: Cheese, Chocolate, Ube, Cookies ‘N Cream, Rocky Road, and Choco Strawberry.

Then, add a twist to make the Cream Roll taste even better: Chill the snacks overnight before you pack them in your kid’s school bag or lunch box. Your kid will go nuts when they discover how their Gardenia Cream-Filled Roll tastes just like an ice-cream sandwich!

For only P10 per piece, Gardenia Cream Roll is sulit and affordable given its premium quality.

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How To Treat Eczema

Eczema represents an inflammatory process happening within skin tissue. It is a very common problem. One in each five children has it and one in each ten adults suffer from it. Skin which is affected by eczema becomes red, dry, course; it is often followed by itching and sometimes even pain. It can appear anywhere but it is most common on elbow skin and sometimes around hand and knee joint.

Photo Source

There are two main types of eczema: atopic (affecting children) and contact. Atopic is much more common out of two. It develops during childhood, sometimes immediately after birth. This type of condition appears more often in families that have hereditary issues such as asthma and hay fever. Skin looks dry, scaly and red while the main difference between other inflammations is rough skin. Contact eczema is common for adults. It starts after contact with some substance person is allergic to like detergent and perfume.

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Twinkle’s First Bath + Grandma El’s Baby Products

Twinkle's First Bath + Grandma Els Baby Products

Twinkle is already three weeks old! How time flies!

But she just had her first bath a week ago when she was two weeks old. Before that, it was all sponge bath for her. I was advised to bathe her everyday but I was kinda scared to do it because she was so small, and tiny, and fragile. So I do it every other day instead and sponge bath her on other days.

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Why Do I Love Casino Femme Ethyl Alcohol?

Why Do I Love Casino Femme Ethyl Alcohol?

We are avid users of Casino Femme Ethyl Alcohol for seven years now. Back then, I don’t think it was called Casino Femme but just plain Casino Ethyl Alcohol. It was what we use at home and in our small computer shop. My sister didn’t like it but I loved it.

The reason why is because just like Isopropyl alcohol, it has a 70% solution and is as effective as a disinfectant and antiseptic. It is also non-drying because of the dual moisturizer, so even if you apply it on your hands as frequently as you like, you won’t have dry, rough hands.

The smell of Casino Femme Ethyl Alcohol is also not overpowering. As a matter of fact, it smells like cologne!

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Club Punta Fuego Getaway

Summer ended a bit late for us this year. We still had a “Huling Hirit sa Tag-Init” the first week of June, right before classes started. It was my 9th month with Periwinkle, thanks to my sweet OB for allowing me to travel.

This was not our first time at Club Punta Fuego, we’ve been here in 2012 with sis and Rome (Posts here: Terrazas de Punta Fuego | Club Punta Fuego Part 1| Part 2| Part 3). We had fun and we loved the place. So my sister (who calls herself Anney) thought it would just be the perfect birthday treat if she can spend an advance birthday celebration here.

Our Rooms

Club Punta Fuego

Sis got us two connecting Casita rooms. Each room has two double bed that’s big enough for four adults. According to her, she got this for ₱14,000.

Instead of welcome fruit plate, there are two large chocolate chip cookies on the table to welcome us.

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