2nd Day of Swimming Lessons

Ykaie wore pink on the second day of her swimming lessons. She was glad to wear that swimsuit because pink is her favorite color.

As usual, there were some stretching first but this time the exercises were a little different….

What followed is another enjoyable day of learning and swimming and fun in the water…..

My problem came the next day.

She didn’t want to swim. I think it has something to do with the 8 year old boy who was crying in the middle of the pool shouting for help when we arrived. One of the coaches put this boy there, he has  the long purple lifesaver on. He was swimming but he was so scared that he was crying and shouting for help.

I think that scared Ykaie big time. I already talked to her and after swimming in Subic with her cousins, she’s ready to give it a go again tomorrow.

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    what a nice way to spend summer, and a cutie pink outfit! I am planning to enroll my son in swimming class also but they don’t want to accept him yet ‘coz he’s still 3 and they don’t have special class yet for that age yet.  maybe next summer.

    visiting from PF :)

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