Buwan ng Wika 2012 {Language Month 2012}

For this year’s Buwan Ng Wika, I bought a Maria Clara costume for Ykaie. Sis tied her hair at the back with a bun which made her look more like a lola {grandma}…lol!

I was really excited because this is the first time that Ykaie will celebrate Buwan ng Wika with her cousins Cyra and Cyvrine. Cyrvrine wore the Terno that Ykaie wore last year.

Some of her schoolmate and classmates didn’t attend the celebration. And due to unforseen circumstances, Cyra and Cyvrine wasn’t able to celebrate with the class as well.

Ykaie won Best in Costume…

The event lasted for a couple of hours. The hardware was already closed by the time the event was finished. I was looking into checking out some tensioners which my cousin needs for my Aunt’s house.

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